SEO Autopilot Training From Devender Garg

From Basic to Advance Level with Step by Step Video Tutorials So you will learn how to 10x your SEOap link counts with maximum possible efficiency.


What is It all about?

    1. Would you like to run SEOAutopilot like a pro and benefit from it when everybody else complains about its success rate and speed?
    2. Would you like to learn how to avoid typical footprints making your link spam really easy to follow (and devalue)?
    3. Would you like to get maximum output from the resources you have and stop wasting tons of unused resources for nothing?

SEO Autopilot software is pretty user friendly, so the barrier to entry is low. But because it seems so simple and straightforward and appears to do most of your job for you, it also means its more advanced features often get overlooked. The majority of users only have a very basic idea of what can be done with it.

You can take my word about the Link Matching, Advanced anchor text ratios, Muti tier diagrams, Campaign Import-export features, and their best use.

What is already Available to learn SEOap.

Of course, there are resources available out there to learn more like:

    1. SEOap FB Group– where Elias, Clint Butler, and other Industry leaders answered every question which is possibly answerable. I have done my part in it too.
    2. SEOap Youtube channel– got webinars done by Elias.
    3. I personally have an SEO Autopilot review and Tips on RankNRise where you can get a broad idea of what SEO AutoPilot is.

But consider these facts:

    1. A new version of SEOap is being released every few days. Cool new features got added, making SEOap even more powerful, while some older features have become deprecated.
    2. Dont consider your experience, your needs, and your learning curve.
    3. Almost nothing like handholding and step by step for someone who is just starting his journey with Automated link building.

The Only Course You Will Ever Need To Become an SEOap Pro

What I offer is

    1. Private video Course for step by step and organized learning of every function and option available in SEO Autopilot.
    2. I will teach you precisely what you need to know without wasting your time. These techniques are tested and proved for high-quality results.
    3. I am a long-term user of SEO Autopilot and a member of the Official SEO Autopilot Team who uses it every day, so you will only be trained based on the most current version – no outdated info or old interfaces.

What is not Included

There is NO Tool (or training) in the market which can rank anything on its own. Otherwise, no-one should put it public. An SEO does rank the business with his/her collective knowledge. So-

    1. This is not an SEO Course. So Please, there is NO BLUPRINT of ranking websites or Google Maps.
    2. As stated above, I will target the SEOap functions and how you can accomplish your SEO Strategy with SEOap.
    3. I will be adding SEOap Diagrams, SEO Tips but in General, these all meant to explain SEO Autopilot.

Video Training

The Only Course You Will Ever Need for SEO Autopilot training. Covering 25 videos for now (adding more in December). I’ve put everything I know about SEO Autopilot step by step.

Custom Diagram

Custom Diagrams which I am using for the SEOap and the logic behind them. So you can make your own according to what you are looking for accomplish.

Training Content

Every topic listed below got a brief video explanation with screen recordings. If you got any questions, I answer them individually OR add them as a video for everyone.

    1. Introduction
    2. Account Presets: What they are, how to use them, and best practices.
    3. Email Profiles: What they are, how to use them, and best practices.
    4. Link Matching Function
    5. Turbo Wizard
    6. Common tab Functions: Explaining all functions on common tab like Money Site URL, Anchor Text Strategy, High Authority Links, Captcha, Threads, Drip Feed Links, etc.
    7. Server: Why you need servers, which one to buy, and which one you should not buy
    8. Create the Catchall Email Server
    9. Emails – Adding Email Profile in SEOap
    10. How to do the Root cause of SEOap account failures
    11. Proxies:  Why you need proxies, which one to buy, and which one you should not buy
    12. Captcha: How to minimize your captcha cost and use the best available software to solve SEOap captcha.
    13. Setup a whole captcha server to solve tons of captcha with minimum cost.
    14. Gmail Verification Function: Create and setup Gmails into SEOap.
    15. Campaign Creation Walkthrough: Walk you through every step of campaign creation one by one so when you creating a campaign on your own, you will know what you are doing.
    16. Content Creation: The best tool to use and how to use it.
    17. SEOap Software Maintenance: Very very important thing to make your SEOap server working best all the time.
    18. Camapign Clone VS Camapign Export: What are they, how they are different, and How to use each of these functions.
    19. SEOap BackUP and DropBox Sync: How to save your hard work and avoid losing all your data if your server crash.
    20. SEOap Reports: One is SEOap way to take a report and another is my way to make a report. You will get both and choose which one suits you.
    21. Camapign Management in Airtable: Manage and schedule campaigns to multiple projects, multiple servers and guide your VA to follow it.
    22. Element is not clickable: What this error is? This is not always a SEOap script issue.
    23. Account Creation Best Practices: Hell yeah, best practices to create accounts that STICK.
    24. Retry Failed accounts best Best Practices: There is a function to retry failed accounts with new OR old accounts BUT I have explained how to and how not to use this function.
    25. The number of links in T12345: Again, best practices with logic to save your time, money, and resources.
    26. Reposting Vs Creating new Accounts: Title says it all. Explained with logic.
    27. Diagram Editor and APG Function: How to edit previous diagrams or create new ones…. And the best use of APG functions.
    28. All Link Groups and their sample Links.

The Course Backed by Latest Tests and Techniques Tested on Hundreds of Campaigns.

The day SEOap was launched, I started using it for informational content sites, Local SEO Sites, and did not get the desired results.

I was missing something, that restricted me from getting the links SEOap was able to build.

Do you know what was that? It was the right resources and strategy. I followed the paths blindly available on the internet for other automated tools like GSA and got minor results.

The Transformation

I put these paths into the trash, started to learn and invent the paths to get the most out of SEO Autopilot. I used the winner link building strategies of SEOap for the money sites. And, voila! got the desired results.

Spread the Good

I invested a good amount of money and time to test SEOap resources, tested them, and got what was needed to build maximum link counts.

I thought about the people who complain about the results of SEOap campaigns resulting in low-quality results and decided to spread the knowledge, make them able to get the return of their investment in SEOap campaigns, and ultimately, designed this course.

How you can get it?

Because I am not a guru whose main income comes from teaching or selling courses, I am a real-life SEO and have my own projects and SEO clients to attend… Also, the offline businesses to look after.

I only have slots for 5 persons per month.

To celebrate this opening announcement on BlackFriday, I offer an introductory price of $600 for Everything included and future updates. (Valid till 27 Nov in case I forgot to update it here)

If you are interested, please contact me on FaceBook to discuss your needs and book your training.

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