Best Captcha for SEO Autopilot & CapMonster proxies


Use our High success rate captcha solution service for SEOAutopilot. Working great with Latest Recaptcha as well.

Captcha & Proxies

Best Captcha for SEO Autopilot & CapMonster proxies


Unlimited Captcha Solution: 90+% Success Rate
$ 70 /Month
  • 🗹 Unlimited Threads
  • 🗹 Unlimited Captcha Solution
  • 🗹 1 Capmonster/Xevil Server

Automatic Captcha Solving Service

Stop Paying Big for Captcha Solution

    1. Our Captcha Solving service saves You 300% – 500% and sometimes even more money compared to what You pay at ANY other Captcha Solving service! Because We Don’t charge Per Captcha.
    2. No Need to babysit software to avoid crashes.
    3. No Need of another strong server to run captcha server, (Saving you additional recurring expense).
    4. Next Big saving is Proxies. Recaptcha solution needs proxies, and that alone can cover our subscription cost.
    5. Hosted On Custom Server: We are running a custom automated captcha server with never-ending proxies. I have tested it with 100+ simultaneous SEOap campaigns without crashing.

How it Works: I will provide you with an API key which is usable for one server at a time. Add it in your SEOap setting and you are all setup for Captchas.

Automatic Captcha Solving Service

I am personally using the same proxies for my Reacptcha solution and it is working really well.

Every link building software that does automated link building needs proxies, Emails, Captcha Solver in order to solve them on the websites. Out of that, Captcha’s cost is comparatively high.

Capmonster and Xevil do a good job in solving Recaptcha BUT they need good proxies in order to have good success rate. If you have Capmonster and don’t have a 90% success rate, keep reading.-

    1. For SEOap (or any other web2s builder) my proxies are giving 90% or more success rate in Recaptcha.
    2. I am personally using it with SEOap + Capmonster BUT you can use it with your choice of tools. ReCaptcha will remain the same and proxies will do their job.
    3. No Downtime


I will help you to setup one captcha server (Capmonster) solving captcha from multiple SEOap server.
I need your Server IP to whitelist in my system.
Then I will provide you proxies to put in Capmonster.
If you need support more then that, you may need to provide remote access otherwise we are good.

Nope … My proxies provide new IP on every request.

So they are not good for SEOap, GSA OR RankerX, etc tool. They are best for only Captcha Solving tools.

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