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Unlock the Power of Google Entity Stacking for Page #1 Ranking

Google Entity Stacking is a cutting-edge SEO strategy that leverages the authority of Google's properties to boost your online visibility. By interlinking various Google platforms and services, we create a powerful network of high-authority entities that drive traffic, enhance trust, and elevate your search engine rankings.

Dive in to discover how Google Entity Stacking can be the game-changer for your digital presence.


Google Stacks Entities

Our Price Plan

Basic Package


๐Ÿ—น G Folder
๐Ÿ—น G site
๐Ÿ—น G sheet
๐Ÿ—น G forms
๐Ÿ—น G Document
๐Ÿ—น G presentation
๐Ÿ—น G slide
๐Ÿ—น G Drive
๐Ÿ—น Blogger
๐Ÿ—น G Drawing
๐Ÿ—น Google Image
๐Ÿ—น Google map
๐Ÿ—น Youtube Video Embed

Advance Package


๐Ÿ—น Everything in Basic Package
๐Ÿ—น SEO Neo Cloud Links
๐Ÿ—น SEO Neo Web 2.0 and other links
๐Ÿ—น SEO Neo Boosterย 

Premium Package


๐Ÿ—น Everything in Advance Package

๐Ÿ—น GSA Power Links

Google Entity Stacking

Google Entity Stacking

Enhance your brand’s presence! Secure a Google Authority Stack for your Brand.

Purpose and key benefits of Google Stacking:

  • The whole idea is to use Google’s properties, stack Google’s authority, and pass it to our brand.ย 
  • Now, because all links are coming from Google and we are not manipulating any SERPs (Only building branded authority around the money keywords), It is a safe way to build links without being flagged by Google.
  • Each Google stack is built around specific keyword pairs combined with your brand name, ensuring every link is supremely relevant and establishes your site as a brand in the niche.

  • Swift Indexing: Links derived from Google Authority Stacks are promptly indexed by Google with little effort, given they originate from its platforms.
  • Provides a diverse backlink profile by integrating multiple Google tools, including Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Forms, and Google Sheets.

>The Process

Research your given topics: We will research your topic and create a content plan around your brand.

Manually creating the entities (We don’t use automation, scripts, or tools. We do all manual work). That’s what allows us to customize internal ink properties.ย 

  • Google Site
  • Google Public Folder
  • Google Doc
  • Google PDF
  • Google Map
  • Google Slide Presentation
  • Google Photos
  • Google Spreadsheet

Content to Google Entities in the Stack: We will add high-quality and relevant content to the Google entities in the Stack, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Maps, Drawing, and Slides. This includes inserts, embeds, and adding of the content.

Then, we will upload the following to the stacks: GBP link, Website link, keywords, photos, logos, videos, NAP info, and citation information.

Do proper interlinking.

Submit all the links to OmegaIndexer.ย 

What we need:

โžก We need inputs like GBP link, Website links, keywords, photos, logos, videos, NAP info, and citation information. Once received, we will start the process.

Sample Template

Here is the sheet’s link to the required info. You can copy the template from here.