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Yes, These are GSA SER Links, but with quality control. 


What I do and the Process

I have been using GSA SER for almost ten years, managing numerous daily campaigns for personal projects and clients. 

Initially, I experimented with various link list vendors, but unfortunately, the results fell short of our expectations. This prompted me to develop our own strategy to use GSA.

I started learning it and consumed every piece of information that was possibly available online, including the super users teaching stuff over the GSA SER Forum. 

I even have a copy of all the best teachings on my local PC if I lose them online.

Then, I created my own crawlers specifically designed to scrape and verify websites that load quickly and enable higher link-per-minute submissions.

Created my own process to refine the list from dead links and keep the good ones only. 

Invested in dedicated servers.

More than everything, I filtered out all the bad engines that do provide crap backlinks, and I don't check them when creating backlinks. Filtering out these crap engines is a big relief. 

Let me tell you the truth. If you buy 1M GSA SER Links from someone, 99.9% of these links will be Exploit, Indexer, Pingback, Referrer, and Trackback engines. 

I disable these engines in the very first place. 

So, if you want to buy millions of links, I am not your guy. But if you want to buy GSA links that actually matter, let's talk. 


GSA Search Engine Ranker

Price Plans

Pay Per Camapign


I can do Pay per camapign after I understand what you are looking for that campaign. 

Camapign for X Days


I can keep running a camapign continually for x days. 

Manage GSA Server for you


I can manage the server for you and let it keep building links 24*7 for you. I will charge you set monthly fees.