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We are using SEOAutopilot from the day it released. It put our SEO strategy to the next level. I accept that there is NO Push BUTTON to rank, BUT SEOAutopilot does what it promises to do. The key is to use it efficiently and make it a part of your SEO strategy.



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Rotating DotCom emails hosted on Custom Server




Automatic Captcha Solving API Integration


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Dot Com rotating Domains

Won’t Ever burn your Emails with SEOAutopilot Compaigns

  • All Emails are from rotating Dot Com domains which are highly recommended by SEOap team. No SubDomains.
    Every time SEOap need an email, this profile will come up with different domain emails. Ultimately we can use this set of domains for a long time.
  • These emails are hosted on a custom server with NO FIREWALL to block emails leading maximum success rate. Generally, shared hosting blocks many incoming verification emails resulting low success rate.
  • You are paying for the domain cost and maintenance cost of emails. So these are ALL yours.

How it Works: I will buy dedicated domains for you and host them on my server. Setup catch all on your SEOap server.

Cost Estimate

If you want ten domain, it will cost you $100 one time registration cost + $30 per month.
These are the new domain of your choice, and I will host them on my server.

Automatic Captcha Solving Service

Stop Paying Big for Captcha Solution

  • Our Captcha Solving service saves You 300% – 500% and sometimes even more money compared to what You pay at ANY other Captcha Solving service! Because We Don’t charge Per Captcha.
  • No Need to babysit software to avoid crashes.
  • No Need of another strong server to run captcha server, (Saving you additional recurring expense).
  • Next Big saving is Proxies. Recaptcha solution needs proxies, and that alone can cover our subscription cost.
  • Hosted On Custom Server: We are running a custom automated captcha server with never-ending proxies. I have tested it with 100+ simultaneous SEOap campaigns without crashing.

How it Works: I will provide you with an API key which is usable for one server at a time. Add it in your SEOap setting and you are all setup for Captchas.

Cost Estimate

If you are running less then 100 compaighns per month (Which most of us do) You are good to go with $30 Per month plan

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