Diverse SEO Services

Elevate Your Visibility With Our SEO Excellence

I have a small team of  Self-sufficient, Experienced SEOs working in-house and can provide versatile SEO services.

If you want to be able to hand someone off the work, get you on your way, and have it done by the end of the month without much oversight. I am your go-to guy.

I remember my first client in 2013 said I won't be hounding you for the work, but I expect it to be done. As long as you meet the deadline, work on your own hours and in your own timeframe. And I never looked back since.

I am dedicated to SEO only and not to social media marketing, PPC, etc professions. You can expect the updated SEO knowledge reflected in my work. Not the garbage from 2008 for any SEO Work.


WordPress Management

And Wp Content Posting

Comprehensive management of WordPress site or PBNs to ensure optimal performance, security, and user experience, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities.

🛠 Sub-Services Include:

  • Plugin and theme Management: Keeping the site up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.
  • Good in WP basics and Plugins. I have tested almost all the plugins in the last 10 years.
  • Security Monitoring: Proactive monitoring to identify and mitigate security risks promptly.
  • WordPress backups and keeping a schedule of backups. (Important)
  • Worked with almost all the WordPress builders.
  • Can Edit WordPress code for small changes if required.

Wp Content Posting

  • Posting Content with SEO Optimization.
  • H1, H2, H3 headings, and article format.
  • Meta description and title.
  • Image size, Geotagging images, pixels, and formatting in a proper layout.
  • External linking with the anchor text.
  • Internal link building for site structure.
  • Subsections, Bullet points, media embedding, etc.
  • I can even create custom images with Canva if required. 
  • Content Scheduling

Hosting Server Management

I can install Cpanel and manage shared hosting or hosting servers in-house as per requirements. 

WordPress Management
WordPress Management
Site Building
Site Building

Website Development

Crafting YourDigital Presence!

Whether you are looking to build an SEO-friendly website for your client or your business, I am your go-to guy. 

I have worked with almost all the major WordPress site builders, and I can create literally any static WordPress website. 

🛠 Sub-Services Include:

  • Custom Web Development: Crafting unique websites with custom features and functionalities.
  • eCommerce Site Building: Developing robust online stores with seamless user experiences.
  • Landing Page Creation: Designing conversion-optimized landing pages for marketing campaigns.
  • SEO friendly, you can optimize the website way out you want. Nothing is blocking you. 
Site Building
Site Building

Ecom Listing Managment

Maximizing Your Marketplace Impact!

Whether it is WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, or any other e-commerce platform, If you are looking to manage it either way, I can handle it. 

🛠 Sub-Services Include:

  • Website Building with custom features and functionalities.
  • Landing Page Creation: Designing conversion-optimized landing pages for marketing campaigns.
  • Product management. 
  • Product discription or Images added. 


You get the idea. If there is any custom work to do, Let's discuss it. 

If we can end up with some Pay-per-task price then its OK. Otherwise, we will do it at an hourly price. 

Or we can start it hourly and discuss a Pay-per-task price later on.