Manually Created Super Web 2.0 buffer Sites

No BOTS/Tools orAutomation Used

Whether you are a new SEO or a professional, web 2.0 backlinks are a good way to start link building.

These are the very first links along with social signal that Google want to see for a new website or GMB

Our Price Plan

10 Unique

Web 2.0 Site


  • 10 High Authority Web 2.0 Natural Backlinks
  • All 10 Unique Web2 sites
  • 2-3 Post each web2.0 Site
  • Media-rich content.
  • Add outbound links to high authority sites. 
  • Internal Links within posts.
  • Linking back to your money site with the desired anchor text.
  • Legal Pages
  • Of course, logins with report. 

15 Unqiue

Web 2.0 Sites


  • Everything from “10 Web2.0 Sites” Plan
  • 15 "Unique" High Authority Web 2.0 sites.
  • 3-5 Randomly Post on each Domain.

30 Unqiue

Web 2.0 Sites


  • Everything From “15 Web2.0 Sites” Plan
  • 30 "Unique" High Authority Web 2.0 sites.

I am one of the best sellers of the 2.0 links on the internet, with 10+ years of experience. I actually started my journey with web2.0 seller when I first read the GotchSEO guide about super web2.0 creation.

As time passed, I kept improving my strategies with the same Web 2.0 sites. You can imagine it with the anchor text diversity I am using with my links. 

With this service, I will create unique articles with AI (No ai detection is also what we consider) and then submit them on High Authority Web2.0s.

Each web2.0 Features:

I do everything that is allowed to customize web 2.0 and ensure that even if these sites are evaluated manually, they pass. 

    1. All Web 2.0s will be unique. NO Repeated domains. 
    2. Relevant images and videos in each property
    3. Change The default theme.
    4. Website tagline, page title, etc
    5. Categories relevant to your niche
    6. Different name/username for each Web 2.0. (If you want to be branded, then use the brand as a name)
    7. Contact Us, About Us, and legal pages.
    8. Build Resources and info-graphics-type pages to make them more legit and useful.
    9. Links are placed at random locations in all articles. 
    10. Random Name and Persona.
    11. 100% spam-free permanent backlinks
    12. Use multiple IPs in every blog
    13. Use your desired anchors in a diverse and natural way. 
    14. Login Info provided in the report

High-Quality Articles 

    1. First of all, we research the given targeted page or site. Then, create a topic cluster for the site and outline the articles.
    2. Then, we create content around these topics and outlines with the help of ChatGPT.
    3. Find relevant images and videos to enrich the content with elements like bullet points, tables, and more.
    4. You can always provide your own content. Relevant images and Videos if you want.

Full Report Will Be Provided

    1. The full report (including web 2.0 logins and email addresses) will be provided.
    2. The password of the Email used will be provided, too.
    3. Unlimited URLs and Keywords allowed (we recommend focusing only on one URL and 2-3 keywords for the best results)
    4. Our turn-around time is only 2-5 business days!
    5. Web2.0s are all yours. You can edit and add or remove links as you wish. 

What We Need To Start Working?

  • Your website URL and niche.
  • Preferred anchor text.
  • I also want you to tell me if you want to create them as BRANDED websites OR want them to look like generic buffer sites.

Other SEO Practices (On Your Suggestion)

  • The position of your backlink: (By Default, we keep it Random)
  • Blog Address: Either a random/generic name or your targeted keyword. (By Default, we keep it Random)
  • Links Wheel (I don’t do but if you want, I will do it)
  • Any Specific Instructions to follow?

Branded web2.0s will have your brand name in the site name, title, and subdomain everywhere. And you can use them in IFTTT as well.  It is like a “Business Site” that comes with GMB.

For the buffer sites, I will use random names and give you links. These will be like PBNs, where we will give your website backlinks as third-party links to your website. 

You have to tell me what type of sites you want. Usually, it is recommended to have 1 set of each type of site. 

You can have unlimited URLs and Keywords. However, we would recommend focusing only on one URL and 2-3 keywords for the best results.

Yes, a full report (with web 2.0 and email logins) will be provided.

We don’t accept gambling, pharmacy, warez & adult sites.

Yes, we do. We do have great success with these too.

Once work has been started there will be NO REFUNDS.

ChatGPT but we have own SOP to generate content. I follow the process people using for their money sites content.