Omega Indexer
I am one of the beta testers of Omega Indexer. And as I expected, it is crazy fast at indexing. I run a few test batches of SEOap links (Different platform and domain authority), and within 24 hrs around 90% were indexed.
I merely found any non Indexed web2 link after 24 hrs. The content used in the links were from SpinRewriter.
I believe Omega has bought the good ol’ instant indexing days back as I can even index the profile links.
The second important fact is the reputation of the company. This is from SEOap and many of the word’s best LinkBuilders (Should I tag?) using it.
They are not supposed to use *shady techniques to index links as most of the other Indexers do.
Third, The price and Pricing model…!!!
It is cheap and1 cents per link. And it worth it if it gets the job done.
Pricing model designed for everyone. Your credits will never get expired, and it is NOT a monthly subscription.
Need not to mention, The interface of the dashboard is clean and very easy to understand. It does even shows the response from Google so if your link is NoIndex or 404, it will tell you right away. Thank you Kristofer-Niki Bourreau for building it for all of us.
This is a 10/10 service and must-have for everyone.
If you have any question, feel free to ping me at Facebook 
I will keep this page updating with more testing and results