RankNRise Emails with server

SEO Neo Optimised VPS Best Practices

Thanks for ordering the VPS package. If you ordered VPS with the addon, you would get

    1. Unlimited Email
    2. Unlimited Captcha
    3. Free Migration
    4. SEO Neo support

Here, I am going to list the best practices.


  1. Use the RankNRise Email profile… I added your emails and CatchAll’s there

RankNRise Emails with server


  1. Use 2captcha with the API provided by me
  2. All 2captcha are being solved by my server now. And you don’t need to buy 2captcha Anymore.



  • Add proxies and run campaigns. Everything else is done.
  • Ensure you authenticate the proxies with the new server IP because blazing and many other providers’ proxies are bound with the Server IP.

Server Maintenance

Do Server Maintenance twice a week to make sure SEO Neo is working at its best efficiency. If the SEO Neo hangs to load after an update, follow the steps below, and it will work fine.

  • Update windows
  • Restart the VPS like a normal PC.

Best practice for MAX link building and faster campaigns complete rate

  • Run 5-6 campaigns (in 8core server) and 2-3 campaigns (in 4core server) at a time with
  • 8-10 Browser threads
  • 25 HTTPS Threads

You will see the speed you expect from SEO Neo

You can run more campaigns at a time, BUT it will reduce the campaign completion rate (it will take longer to finish the campaigns). My SEO Neo servers are optimized to use MAXIMUM resources with SEO Neo, so if you run fewer campaigns, they will finish much faster.